The WP range of attenuators is designed for inclusion in ductwork systems or for direct connection to fan or AHU inlet and discharge.
The WP range offers infinite flexibility of size and performance and all models can be supplied in any of the nine different material specifications including stainless steel, UPVC/PVC, glass fibre and aluminium, in addition to our standard pre-galvanised mild steel to DW144 construction requirements.
Fully welded stainless and mild steel heavy duty options are available for industrial and offshore applications.
WP silencer units may be used in high or low velocity systems velocity systems: process air handling; dust extraction; fire rating systems; offshore installations; studios; theatres and gas turbine intake systems.
In addition there is a special WP range available for hospital installations and clean rooms.
Standard WP attenuators have cases from pre-galvanised mild steel sheet having a minimum of 0.9mm thickness constructed in accordance with HVCA specification DW144.
Attenuating splitters are constructed from a formed framework of pre-galvanised mild steel sheet which retains the acoustic media behind an expanded metal or perforated pre-galvanised steel sheet. The acoustic media is a highly absorbent, medium density, inert, non-hydroscopic, faced mineral wool (45-65kg/m2 dependent upon application).
Units over 600mm long incorporate an aerodynamically shaped faired or bull nosed entry and exit nose to minimise pressure drop.
WP attenuators shall have mez style flanges unless otherwise noted by suffixes below.
Option suffixes
MP      Melinex and galvanised XPM splitter facing
GC       Glass cloth splitter facing
RS       Rolled steel angle flanges
P          Galvanised XPM splitter facing
DM      Ductmate flanges
IF         Internal roled steel angle flanges
HS       Horizontal splitters
Pl         Plenum section
S          Spigot ends
T          Modular construction
BV       Verical bend attenuator
BH       Hoizontal bend attenuator