Acoustic Louvres

Noise emitted from plant through essential ventilation apertures can be effectively reduced by fitting attenuating louvres. Centrifugal fans handling large quantities of air in industrial applications and refrigeration equipment can be particularly noisy. One effective way of minimising the environmental impact of such machinery is to screen off the plant by means of silencer composed of horizontal acoustic splitters which will attenuate the noise, allow ingress of cooling air and have an aesthetically pleasing louvred appearance. The Waterloo Acoustic louvred screen and panels are designed to provide maximum attenuation of plant noise whilst at the same time being robust and aesthetically pleasing. They are ideal for use in screening plant rooms, generator buildings and roof-mounted air conditioning plant. Test certificates can be provided to warrant conformity to specified criteria.
Waterloo acoustic louvres are manufactured from pre-galvanised mild steel with blades formed from 20swg, the frame from 18swg and the external flange when used is from 14swg material.
Each hollow section has a perforated under-face and is filled with highly absorbent mineral wool to provide maximum acoustic attenuation. The infill which is inert, vermin proof, non-combustible and non-hygroscopic is retained behind the perforations with a glass tissue interface to prevent entrainment of the absorbent medium. Louvres can be painted to BS or RAL colours at extra cost.
Option suffixes
LV-           Particularly effective high level plant rooms and screens Where‘line-of-sight
                through the louvre is undesirable.
LVDB-       As above but double banked.
SV-           For use where weather resistance is important. Its low pressure drop
                characteristics make it ideal for air inlet & discharge atmospheric openings.
WL/ALS-   A slightly larger blade format and steeper slope give
                 excellent attenuation characteristics coupled with good weather resistance. Not
                 suitable for louvre heights less than 600mm.
BS-           Birdscreen
IS-            Insect screen
DC-           Drip cill

Single panel sizes
LV & SV                 From 200mm x 200mm up to
                              2000mm wide x 1500mm high or 1500mm wide x 2000mm high.
WL                         From 200mm x 600mm up to
                              2000mm wide x 1500mm high or 1500mm wide x 2000mm high